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Technical Service Rates

Catalyst Technical Service Rates

The following technical service rates are in effect for all Catalyst customers:

Onsite and remote live support – regular business hours:

Basic server / desktop support, installation,

service and maintenance (diagnostics, repair,

installations, virus / spyware removal, software

setup, new accounts, basic network setup etc.)

$  95.00 per hour


Advanced server and networking (new server

installation and setup, datacenter , server operating system

installation and configuration, Exchange, SQL, or

other mail / web server configuration and diagnostics, SAN,

firewall and router configurations, security appliance

setup and configuration, server rack installation, etc.)

$125.00 per hour


Data Recovery / Forensics (recover files from

hard drives or discs, scavenge and find data for

forensic operations and documents for legal and

other data recovery )
$150.00 per hour



Evening hourly rate:     1.5 times regular business rate, minimum two (2) hours billed

Weekend/holiday rate:  2.0 times regular business rate, minimum four (4) hours billed


Onsite client visit (Regular Business Hours):  Minimum .75 hour billed

Remote desktop live support (Regular Business Hours)Minimum .25 hour billed
After Hours and Weekends, Minimum 1 hour billed at 2.0 times Rate


Travel:  Actual travel time required; minimum .25 hour billed
 Note:  Any travel expenses related to Forensic recovery, depositions or court

appearances more than 100 miles outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, will be billed

actual transportation fees (air fare, Bus, car, cab fare etc.), meals and incidentals

in addition to hours involved for the day(s) with a minimum of $1500.00 per day

(Ten (10.0) Hours) billed.



Regular business hours:  Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm  (Excluding Holidays)

Evening hours:  Monday – Friday, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Weekend hours:  Friday, 9:00 pm through Monday, 8:00 am


Hourly rates do not include any supplies or parts used.
Labor hours are based per technician assigned to job x rate.



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