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Cables & Accessories

All Eaton power cables and accessories are tested and certified for use with Eaton ePDUs. These products are proven to deliver the reliability and service life needed for the most rigorous data center applications.

Eaton ePDU accessories consist of adapters, jumpers, splitters and brackets that support ePDUs. Accessories are custom built to ensure that each ePDU has the support it needs.
  • Adapters enable equipment with disparate input/output receptacles to work together
  • All cable performance is assured with pre-tested products that meet UL and Eaton standards
  • Cable Restraint Brackets prevent downtime and accidental disconnection
  • Jumpers connect two pieces of equipment without cluttering up the cable arrangement
  • Splitters add extra equipment to a UPS or power distribution while using fewer outlets
  • Streamline cabling in enclosures by deploying exactly the cable length needed
  • Adjustable brackets allow for front or rear mounting
  • Brackets improve power connectivity and reliability
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